Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lettere Fluxcetera: Some info.

The 'portraits' below are all from photographs taken by me, many more will be added as I wade through my archive. The people in the portraits are all people I have met over the past eleven years, some have become close friends, others remain simply those with whom I have spent a brief period of time (usually working and via the Emily Harvey Gallery / Foundation.)  Perhaps in the future friends who are no longer with us will be added.

My dilemma is that I feel strongly that the text which makes up the image should be 'relevant' in some way.  With the exception of Alison's picture which is "A Portrait of Alison Knowles to be Read from Across the Room", made for her and the first portrait attempted, all texts are mainly filler and these images are in a way sketches.

The project's working title is Lettere Fluxcetera, there is a link to Fluxus in some way from each subject, however Fluxus is not particularly relevent (or in fact relevant at all) to this project. It was a way in which I could create a practical and coherent group of subjects from my photos

Perhaps the texts should be anecdotal, written from my pretty poor memory.  Perhaps they should be something more.

My idea was this:
If your portrait appears on this blog perhaps you would like to contribute a text, which will eventually become an integral part of the portrait.  The text could be autobiographical or biographical (you can write the text for someone else's picture), it may be fact or complete fiction.

Any texts submitted will be given full credit, unless otherwise desired.

BTW: Clicking on an image will bring up a larger, usually browser unfriendly version.  With the smaller images, try moving away from the screen - most will make sense, some will not.  This may change, then again it may not.
Finished portraits will hopefully be printed, large format.  Somehow!

Simon Anderson

Alison Knowles

Christian Xatrec

Larry Miller


Geoffrey Hendricks